Monday 20 August 2018 Event Report

On 4th and 5th August I attended DevConf,in in Bengaluru as a speaker, which was a conference organised by RedHat to provide a platform to all local community participants to come together and share knowledge through technical talks, workshop, panel discussions, hackathon and other activities.

I arrived at Bangaluru airport on 3rd August early morning to avoid the terrific traffic and reached o hotel without facing much traffic. After reaching office I did my office work for that day.
In evening after having dinner, I did the registration in the hotel itself as registration was organised in hotel itself for speakers to save time n morning. It was really helpful, thanks Rahul and Ganesh for handling this process smoothly.

Day-1 (03-08-2018)
I had breakfast early morning ,then we all(speakers) left for the venue- Christ University. The event started with a traditional dance prepared by the students of Christ University which was really great. After that there was a keynote by Ric Wheeler on "Open source is better for companies/businesses, communities and developers" where he talked about evolution open source software from history to present day.

After attending the keynote I went for the QE track talks. QE track started with the talk by Anisha Narang on "Protactor 101s: Quick and Easy" where she introduced the audience to Protactor  an end to end testing framework for Angular/AngularJS/ application.

Then it was the time for my talk in which I talked about "Robot Framework "which is an automation framework where i covered the basics to get the audience started with the framework supported by a short demo. It was really great to get so many questions and know people were really interested in knowing more about the framework. After my talk there was a short tea break, in which I went around the different booths to gain knowledge about the technology and products.

After this I attended talk by Anandprakash on "Best Strategies to test cloud and containers" where he discussed about the strategies which to should be followed based on the scenarios. Then in the same track Rohit talked about "QE to Full Stack Devops QE" where he showed how devops tools can be used by QE to enhance productivity. Then there was a lunch break.

After lunch break, I attended the talks in the QE track which were: Pains and Pleasure of Automatic Software testing and End to end testing made easy with Nightwatch. After there was a keynote by Karanbir Singh on "Open Source Won". This was the end was Day1.

Second day started with the opening keynote from Christian Heimes on Freedom, Security and Responsibility, it was a great session. Then I attended another security talk by Huzaifa Sidhpurwala on "BlueBorne: Beware of Bluetooth".

After attending this talk I talked to people and shared the knowledge with them. I also attended talk on "Empathy maketh an Engineer" by Narendran, "Tricky task of i18n - Libration fonts" by Pravin Satpute where he talked about Liberation fonts different version and plans for Fedora-29. At the end there was a really interesting talk which I attended "Innovating Indian Education System using FOSS" by Bhavna Yadav where she talked about how we can make a difference if OSS is adapted at lowest level in education system. After this I attended the lightening talks, which were great. As the closing keynote was cancelled due to to some emergency. So after this we have a Thank you and Appreciation session where Rupali thanks the organizers, volunteers, Christ University and all the people involved in making this event a success.

This was a great event. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for making this event awesome.
Looking forward to next

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