Monday 2 July 2018

Fedora Pune Meetup and Fedora 28 Release Party


On June 30,2018 we had Fedora Pune meetup at RedHat office, along with Fedora 28 release celebration.
Pravin Satpute started the meetup by a welcome note and a quick introduction session. After this Parag presented a talk on Modularity. As most of the audience were new, so he started with very basic concepts like repository, package, compose,  koji, bodhi , fedora build cycle. After making the people comfortable he started to talk about Modularity and explained the need and purpose to introduce this feature ie Too Fast vs Too Slow.
 After this we had quick 10 mins break, where swags were distributed and everyone was happy to get swags :)

After the break the audience was divided in groups according to the interest as some want to know how they can create a FAS account, some want to know about how to earn badges and some about how we can contribute to Fedora.

Suprith and Ompragash lead the group who didn’t had a FAS account. They helped them to create FAS account and in the end everyone in the room was having a FAS account, which was their first step to contribute to fedora

Pravin took a session on how we can contribute to Fedora and earn badges. He explained about various badges, and how they can be earned by contributing to various projects and area.
Amita took a session how we contribute to Fedora by testing. She explained about the basics of testings and bugzilla.

Apart from these session Parag and Praveen were also having some interesting discussion around Fedora features, so some people joined them. After this we did cake cutting to celebrate Fedora-28 release and had snacks having discussions about Fedora.

It was a day well spent and great experience. Looking forward to next meetup.

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