Friday 16 June 2017

Pyladies-Pune June Meetup

This Sunday(11th June) we have our June Pyladies meetup which was organized in Red Hat office.

This time we had Shilpee Chamoli with us who was going to take a session on "Exploring data science using Python Pandas". The title itself sounds interesting, and so it was :) . She started with the introduction and gave us an idea what exactly we are going to gain from this session. She take a "Titanic" problem for us to do experiment. We downloaded the .csv files which contain the data and start solving the different problems like

How many total passengers were traveling in Titanic?
How many total male and female passengers were present?
How many passengers in each class?
How many passengers survived? and lot more...

So we used Azure Notebook for this exercise. Also we ploted the results on the graph and it looks something like this:

Conclusion: Rich people and women were given first Priority.

After this it was Lunch time, and food was provided by Red Hat, thanks to Red Hat for that.

After Lunch it was the time for the Surprise which Anwesha talked about. So we were all set. It was so good to know she had recordings from Pycon US for Pyladies Pune. We have messages from  Ewa Jodlowska, CarolWilling, Lynn Root and Jackie Kazil for Pyladies-Pune. These videos were so good and encouraging. The surprise was in the video that  the most active contributor will be given Pyladies T-shirt and free ticket to Pycon-Pune.

Its Project Time :) :) :)

Like its been a year after we rebooted  Pyladies-Pune chapter, and so it was now the time we should start contributing to some project or work on our own Project. Also Chandan took a quick session for "Xchat"

We decided to move in this direction now. We had Kushal, Sayan , Praveen, Chandan there who discussed with us on our projects ideas and gave us suggestions. We discussed about different projects we can work on and shared those ideas on etherpad. So now we have projects and have some homework to do before next meetup. Looking forward to our next Pyladies meetup :)