Friday 21 June 2019

Fedora Pune Meetup

Last Saturday(June,15) , we had Fedora Pune Meetup with Fedora-30 release celebration. When I reached the venue, people were already present there and were ready to start the event. We started according to the agenda with our first talk from Pravin Satpute on Fedora-30 features which was great, as people were really interested in knowing the new features added.

After that Parag delivered a talk on Modularity. He covered the basics and also covered some examples to make the concept more clear. We had had good discussions around this topic as question were coming in between from the audience. After such a technical discussion a break was really needed. So we went for a short break to grab some snacks.

Then, there was a talk on Fedora CoreOS by Praveen Kumar after the break with a disclaimer that he is only the presenter, slides are prepared by Sinny Kumari. It was a great session with demo and a lot of interactions among attendees. After his session Kushal quickly discussed about QubeOS which was new to me and also interesting. Then we ended the event with Cake cutting to celebrate the release of Fedora-30.