Tuesday 27 August 2019


Flock is the Fedora Project's annual contributor-focused conference. I attended Flock-2019 which was in Budapest this time. I feel great to be a part of this conference and community. It was four day conference with lots of interesting sessions.

Day 1
First day started with "The State of Fedora" session by Matthew Miller where he discussed about Fedora current and future state. Then Cate Huston presented a very interesting talk on how we can make a great and successful team. She shared interesting facts to make failing team functional. It was good to see "Facebook Loves Fedora" and Facebook employees are using it. In this they shared their experience and challenges faced. After lunch I attended "The future of langpacks in Fedora", it was a great discussion on langpacks. In evening I attended Fedora CI by David and  Tim Flink and Getting started with Fedora QA by Suprith Gangawar and Geoffrey Marr. Day 1 ended with Slideshow Karaoke organised by Amita and Adam Samalik.


Day 2
On second day, I attended the talk by Denise Dumas on "Fedora, Red Hat and IBM. Then I mostly attended the talks around Fedora CI and gating. Also attended session on "Use cases for Transtats in the Fedora Community". It was a day well spent with so much information on Continuous Integration. Then in the evening we enjoyed the River Cruise with Dinner.

Day 3
Third day started with the showcasing of Fedora Summer Coding 2019 projects where Summer Coding interns talked about their  projects, learning and experiences. Same day we have our Fedora internationalization hack fest where we discussed about how we can increase CI for Fedora i18n packages and did some brainstorming for future release. It was very helpful for me as I got ideas about the high priority packages and how we can contribute more to CI.

Also, I was a part of Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Hack fest which was just after i18n hack fest, so after that I quickly moved to D&I hack fest room where we worked and discussed on some pending tickets and took the action items from those. Also planned for the future elections for next Diversity Advisor. Then in the end there was a walking tour planned around Budapest where we visited some tourist attraction points and learnt some facts about the history of Budapest.

Day 4
On Day 4, I attended the Wrap-Up session and collaborated with people and had some good discussions. This was the last day, most of us were already leaving so there were good byes, future planning etc.

Overall, it was a great experience, as being a part of community it felt good to be meet people and talk to them. It was good to see so many talks about CI and gating and I attended most of them, as I myself is starting to contribute to CI and gating, so these sessions were very helpful and informative.

Below are few pics clicked while different activities in Flock :)


Friday 21 June 2019

Fedora Pune Meetup

Last Saturday(June,15) , we had Fedora Pune Meetup with Fedora-30 release celebration. When I reached the venue, people were already present there and were ready to start the event. We started according to the agenda with our first talk from Pravin Satpute on Fedora-30 features which was great, as people were really interested in knowing the new features added.

After that Parag delivered a talk on Modularity. He covered the basics and also covered some examples to make the concept more clear. We had had good discussions around this topic as question were coming in between from the audience. After such a technical discussion a break was really needed. So we went for a short break to grab some snacks.

Then, there was a talk on Fedora CoreOS by Praveen Kumar after the break with a disclaimer that he is only the presenter, slides are prepared by Sinny Kumari. It was a great session with demo and a lot of interactions among attendees. After his session Kushal quickly discussed about QubeOS which was new to me and also interesting. Then we ended the event with Cake cutting to celebrate the release of Fedora-30.