Thursday 27 July 2017

Pyladies-Pune: July Meetup

July 8,2017 we had Pyladies-Pune meetup. This time Reserved-bit hosted the meetup. I was there on time when Nisha and Siddhesh were setting up for the meetup, so I also helped in that. We were all set and Trishna was also there as she was going to take session on Ansible. Then we started with Trishna's session according to the schedule. She started with Ansible introduction and how we can use it. Later she introduced us to Ansible Playbook, tasks, how to define variables in Ansible Playbook etc. She showed some sample examples for playbook. Then we all started writing Playbook for tasks like:Creating Directory StructureCreating FileCopying FileThen we had lunch break. After lunch lightning talks were there. Anwesha and we all discussed about the platform which Pyladies is giving to people who are afraid of speaking in public, so its a chance for them to overcome this fear of public speaking. So we all are looking forward for more session and lighting talks from Pyladies. After this it was the time for Project work. Some students discussed about their project work for college with Kushal and some were busy with Ansible work. This meetup was good to start with Ansible. I started using Ansible in my daily job after this :). Thanks Pyladies Pune for this session and reserved-bit for hosting this.