Monday 8 October 2018

Fedora Women's Day- Pune,2018

On 30th September, we celebrated Fedora Women's day in RIT, Islampur, Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra, India. We (Amita, Nikhil and me) started early in the morning from Red Hat office and reached college at 12.30pm where we met the faculty(Savita Patil, Gautami Singhan) who were already waiting for us. As it was a long journey we just took a quick refreshing break and had lunch after that where we had conversation with the faculty members about various topics like how they have changed their syllabus, initiatives taken to introduce students to Open Source world and about Fedora Women Day. After lunch we headed to the room where we were going to organize the event.

Students were already there, and it was good to see around 30 girls student in the room, as it was Fedora Women Day so we were happy to see them. The event started with a short speech by Mrs Savita Patil who introduced us to the students.

Amita took the first session explaining what Fedora Women Day is and why we need more women in technology. She quoted very interesting examples of women who were doing great job in various field and explained about different fields in which they can contribute. It was really motivating, I am sure after this session many students must have made up their mind and decided the field based on their interest where they want to contribute.

After Amita, I took a session on Fedora QA, where I explained why QA is needed, what's the role and responsibilities of Fedora QA and how they can start with Fedora QA by explaining about Test Day, Bug Triage, Test cases and various other QA activities. As they were new to Fedora, I showed then how they can create FAS and Bugzilla account. I also covered about Fedora Badges in my talk and how they can be earned. By now they were more excited and want to earn those badges. I ended by giving some examples how they can start contributing in different fields.

Then Nikhil took a session on Fedora loves Python where he introduced the students to python. He talked about different libraries. Also he made the talk more interesting by showing some lives examples with demo. It was really great to do some exciting stuff using python.

After the talks it was the time for cake cutting. We all cut the cake and enjoyed the moment. We also get some queries from the student which we answered while having cake. Then Amita thanked the organizers and faculty for hosting this event and supporting us.

Around 4.30 we headed back to Pune. It was a great experience as I get to interact with the students and helped then to get started with Fedora. It was fun travelling with Amita and Nikhil, discussing various interesting things and our stories.

Looking forward for next year Fedora Women's Day to get more women contributor.