Monday 16 January 2017

First Pyladies meetup of year 2k17(Jan)

I was not able to attend last Pyladies(Dec) meetup as I was having my badminton match, this time also I had my Dance practice for office annual party therefore I reached a little late, but still I was happy as I was able to attend it. When I stepped in, the whole room was full and I felt  good to see all. Then I took a seat at the back row, as whole room was already filled.
The topics for that meetup were:
Kushal session on System Programming was going on when I reached, so I quickly turned on my laptop and get started. As time was less as we also had a guest session by Paul Everitt (PyCharm Developer Advocate at JetBrains) on Pycharm. So Kushal ended the session on defined time and planned to take more session on System Programming later. Then he made the setup for Paul as he was taking a live session whom I  met in Pycon India 2016 in Delhi. More people joined us later for the session. As it was early morning for Paul there was snowfall also, still he managed to get up early in such a chilled weather, thanks to him for that. He started with what we are going to do in this session and it was interesting as we were going to write a game of collecting coins using an arcade library of python using Python 3.6 in PyCharm. He covered several skills like:
  • Running Python code in pycharm
  • Using Version control using Pycharm
  • Debugging
  • Writing test cases
  • Test coverage
Then he started with the setup by installing all the dependencies, it was so easy using Pycharm as PyCharm itself installed and imported it for him.  Then it was available for use. Then he showed us how we can run our Python code in Pycharm followed by how we can put our code under a local git repository and further commit changes. Also he covered the branches in version control using which many people can work on a single project individually. Then he talked about debugging as it is most important if we are writing code. The game was ready as the image was able to move and collect coins as a result score was increasing using collision detection, that was interesting. Also he covered  Debugging, testing and test coverage. You can find the video here. Also he took questions in between by chat and answered them to clarify our queries. This game reminded me of a game Mario which we use to play in our childhood, we wondered how the boy move and collects coins, treasure and our score go up and see now I know how it worked ,in fact I can myself write a game now, that's so easy. This session was so interesting, loved it :).

Once again thanks Paul for such a wonderful session and also Thanks to Kushal and Anwesha for organising this guest session. Hope in future also you will come up with these types of session, really enjoyed it.