Monday 14 November 2016

Pyladies- October Meetup

Like every month we meet up for this month also, this time it was for half day only but it was very special as we were having Hong Phuc Dang  founder FOSSASIA with us.

 It was a great experience to meet her, as she shared a lot of things with us and also tell us about FOSSASIA, what it is and how we can contribute to it. She encouraged the pyladies to be a part of open source and start contributing to it. Also She invited us to FOSSASIA which is in Singapore from 17th to 19th March. After her talks there were lightening talks from Pyladies which was decided by Anwesha in our last meeting that we will have lightening talks in every meetups as most of us are afraid of speaking in Public so to overcome that fear this session was started from this meetup and will be continued... So our first speaker was Samriddhi who is a student, she shared her experience and about Pyladies. Next was my turn I was ready with my Presentation, so quickly after setting up, I started with a brief introduction of mine and then continued with the topic which was "Difference between Python2 and Python-3.

After talks, now it was Kushal who was going to take a workshop on building shell with cmd2 module, so we all were set with our laptops in which we have installed cmd module. Then we learnt how to build our own shell and it was interesting to build a shell and play with it. All of us practiced that and solved the problem given by Kushal. Upto that time Kushal has ordered Pizza for us. Then it was the time for Pizza Party and as always we had a very good discussion during that time. Hong Phuc Dang gave us more ideas on how we can lift our self up in the open source community and many other information.And this is how the meetup ended with a plan to meet in November :)

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