Thursday, 24 November 2016

Pyladies November Meetup

After a long festive season(Diwali) we had our Pyladies Meetup on 13th Nov at RedHat office and it was so good to see new faces as the number of Pyladies were increasing with each meetup. As always I was excited about the meetup and to learn about Creating our own Map using GeoJSON and more about Git as these were the Topics for this meetup which Nisha have mailed us. So the meetup started with a session on Git by Sayan Chowdhaury. Starting with the basic introduction to Git like what it is, why we need it, whats are benefits, he started the session. It is very important if we want to contribute to upstream or any projects. Here are fews benefits of using it :
  • Easy collaboration
  • Work Offline
  • Contribute to any open source project
So we started with initiating our own project named “Pyladies” and then moving it to github. Also he told us how we can send PR(Pull Request), so we forked his Pyladies project and send a PR to it. We all learned the basics commands of git like:
  • git init
  • git config --global “username”
  • git config --global “userEmail”
  • git add <filename>
  • git commit -m "Commit message"
  • git push origin master
  • git status
  • git remote add origin <server>
  • git checkout -b <branchname>
  • git fetch origin
Sayan also told a site which we can refer for learning more about git through git tower.

After this we had a break as it was lunch time and our hungry tummy needs something to continue with learning new stuffs . After the break Nisha came up, as I told there were lots of new faces it was their first meetup, so there was a introduction session where she brief about how we started and what we do in the meetups. Then we all introduced ourself to each other. After this she started with her talk talking about spatial data and how we can map anything related to our own life to many others crucial information like she have mapped the number of accidents in different cities. Also she gave an excellent example that how we can use map in our CV too, she showed us a CV in which the person has marked his educational institutes and places of work where she had worked till now geographically, and it really sounds interesting. She told us about how we can start with it and explained about  GIS, mapbox, leaflet etc. To make us started she explained how we can start mapping using github as all of us have learned git in the previous session so it was a good idea. All we had to do was:
  1. Convert the CSV format file to geoJSON(for this we can either write a script in python or use any other method)
  2. Then we have to upload that geoJSON file to github.
  3. Then view map on github
  4. Map renders magically.

So to practice she mailed us an CSV file which we can use to create  our own map as an assignment. The meetup ended with a discussion on the next meetup, I was not able to be a part of that discussion because I have to go with Praveen, he was having his Football match as Redhat Annual Sports were going on. So we left saying bye to all Pyladies, and looking forward to meet them all in sixth Pyladies meetup.
How can we forget Pycon Pune which is in February(16th -19th), excited to meet all the Pyladies and many more people from various communities. So hurry up just grab your ticket as time is running out so as tickets.

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