Friday 21 October 2016

Belgaum-Swimming class, Kayaking and Hack Day

Belgaum, unplanned journey and event, as I was not having any plan to attend it before I attended yesterday Pyladies Meetup, where Kushal and few other people told us to join them for the Hackers Day which was in Belgaum on 22nd and 23rd. So we planned to attend that as it sounds interesting, so quickly I mailed my manager(Swati) for that to take her permission and she replied yes for that, so sweet of her : ). So we planned to leave with Nisha as she was having space in her car, but then we came to know that Kushal is leaving early morning and we can reach there by 2, then we decided to leave with him so that after reaching there I can do my office work. Today we started 6.30 in morning from Pune and it was not that much traffic so we crossed Pune without any stucking in traffic and we were on the Highway. We were five people in the car I, Dang Hong Phuc(whom I meet in Pyladies meetup), Praveen, Sayan and Kushal So Kushal drive the whole way to  Belgaum, it was the longest distance covered by him till now( I guess around 350 km), in the way we enjoyed the mountains, greenery and too many tolls :P. After paying so much of toll I noticed one thing we paid least amount for the road which was best throughout our journey, I must say Karnataka highway is way too good, we all enjoyed the journey. Then we reached the venue where we were going to hack, Praveen Patil leaded us there. After that we went for lunch as all of us were very hungry.

After lunch we were back to the resort and then I just rushed to my room to connect the wi-fi and my laptop, then I started with my work. After completing the work for today, I went with Hong as we have seen the swimming pool in the resort and she told she will train me how to swim, then we went to the pool. After going there we realised the water was very cool, so I was afraid to go in and I was worried we will get cold, also I didn’t know the abc of swimming :P and we have to be there for next two days for Hack Day. But Hong was so excited that she entered the water and then I also followed her. As I didn’t know how to swim, it took a lot of her effort to make me float in water. She told me how I can balance my body, how to move my hands and legs. A great thanks to her as it was her effort and confidence that atleast I was able to float and balance my body in water without any support. For swimming she is my first Trainer, when I will swim the first person who will come to my mind is Hong. As it was evening already so we then came back to resort and changed. Upto that time Saptak and Praveen were there outside, so we joined them for Kayaking.

Then we went for Kayaking , and I was so confident after Hong swimming class that I can save myself if I will fall down :P. It was a great fun and we were missing Nisha who has not reached yet and Anwesha also who was not able to come due to some reason. The resort is very good, everywhere greenery is there, we were able to see rabbit, peacock and ducks here. They offered cocoa welcome drink, and cocoa was from their farm only, everything is so natural here. Also I got a chance to swim and do Kayaking without any guide, which was the best part of today. We just unwind the rope and started Kayaking. Now we all are excited for the Science Hack Day.

Eagerly waiting for the Hackers day and the workshop which is tomorrow, excited to meet new people and school children as they will also be joining us.

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