Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My First Pyladies Meetup

This Sunday, I attended the Pune chapter of Pyladies, About them in their own words “Pune chapter of PyLadies, an international mentorship group focussed on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community.  We aim to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world. Anyone with an interest in Python is encouraged to participate!”   
This was my first Pyladies meetup so I was exicited about it. Though it was raining still I managed to reach on time. This time it was in RedHat, after reaching there Kushal told me we are starting a little late due to the weather outside, then soon we get started. All of us were gathered in a room and we all were very curious about that, as most of us were there for that meetup the first time.  Meetup started with the intoduction to Pyladies by Anwesha, organiser of Pyladies Meetup, followed by Kushal talk on Python Community. He talked about many people showing their pictures who are contributing to python community and pyladies. He shared the pictures of Pycon-2015 introducing people from different companies and supporting several communities like Pyladies, Django etc. This continued for an hour, after that there was a keynode from  previous Pycon Meetup to be played “Two beards”. That was one was the most interesting part of the Meetup liked by everyone. In that keynode the man shared his experience like a story with the music, he himself played the music which was simply whaaaoooo. He shared his first bike experience and the different turns. He related it with dimensions and much more things, which was amazing. After this it was the time for lunch which Kushal had already arranged for all of us, then we enjoyed with pizzas. After an hour we started again with Python as we all were there to learn or discuss about the aspects of Python. Then Kushal started with Python, after a brief introduction on features of Python, he make us get started with the basics concept of Python. He started with the very basic so that it would be easy for newbees to Python. For me it was a revision as I have the basic knowledge of Python and can write programmes in Python. But to bring us all on a same level it was the need to start from the basics. He was giving time in between to us to try the same thing which he was teaching us, so that we are comfortable with that and if have any doubt can clear at that time only. After the basics were covered, he gave a programme to write a function to all so that we can implement what we have learned in that meetup. And the meetup ended with the problem solved by everyone. Then in the end it was a feedback session in which we discussed several things like how was the today’s meetup, what can be done to improve it , plans for the next meetup and many more things.
In the end, all of us left with something new in our mind and with more enthusiasm for the next meetup.

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