Monday, 4 April 2016

A New Beginning with Python

After making my mind to step into programming, the very first question that comes to my mind was "Which programming langauge must be learned to start with programming?" Then I hunted for which langauge should I start with being a beginner and ended up with 'Python' after a long research and conversation with my friends who already are in developing.

Python can become a stepping stone for everyone who want their career in programming universe as it was designed with newcomers in mind. It is easy to learn and grasp as the command are easy to remember because they are similar to the english words we use in our daily life. It is so simple, that you can start coding the very first day and make your own simple programs using python.

There are many more reasons I started with python as its a general purpose,
high level, interpreted language. The first code I leaned was how to print something in python, and it was so easy,I printed 'Hello World!' as it was the first code given in the book which I was referring ie  "Python for you and me".

>>> print "Hello World!"
Hello World!

"Python for you and me" was my first teacher to help me in learning Python (an interpreted , object oriented programming language) and helped me to get into python more and more with very new topics.

Also I joined the course of Udacity that is "Linux Command Line Basics" which was an introduction to the Linux Command Line interface and it
helped me in knowing more about the language and its basics. One thing I liked most about Udacity course is that we have different quizes followed by detailed solution after every topic. This keep us more involved in the course and makes it more interesting to learn and practice.The way of delivering each lesson was  just awesome, so it was worth joining that course.

After gaining enough knowledge about python I just started with some exercise having python programmes, and I found what I was looking for some good exercise of "Coding Bat" related to the topics which I have covered so far in Python.This helped me alot to brush up my concepts in programming.

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