Monday 25 April 2016

My First Fedora Meetup

Yesterday I attended a Fedora meetup where we discussed about how to write Test Cases in Python. This was my first meetup after I have started learning Python. When I reached the place there were around 12 people sitting with their laptops, then I also joined them. Few people were knowing each other, few were new like me. So, Kushal who was organising the meetup decided to have an quick intro so that we may know about each other. After intro I came to know some were college students, some were working and all of them were keen to contribute something and were passionate for leaning new things for which we were gathered there. Then he gave an introduction on Unittest module which was our topic of discussion for that day. After this Kushal told what we are actually going to do today and its benefits and how we can relate and impliment that in our work. Then he gave an example of unit test in which "cat" command was tested and we all tried it in our own laptops and it was a success to run that unit test. In between we have some snacks like cold drink and samosa . All of us enjoyed this refreshment. Then Kushal decided to give different Test cases to everyone rather than all working on the same problem so that it will be more beneficial as we all will learn more by this, as a new challange will be there for everyone. Although it was not easy to think a new problem for each of us but still Kushal ended up by assigning a problem  to everyone who were present there. Chandan and Praveen were helping him in this, all three of them were there to help us with our queries.

After we got the problem, we started writing unittest for the assigned query. I was assigned a problem in which I have to test can we create a loopback device and perform file system operation without losing the file. In between doubts and questions were coming from the participants which were answered by either of the three. The environment was like that we are working on a crucial project as everyone was writing their test cases and running them to get the desired output. I was also so indulged in my Unit test case  that I don't how the three hours went, I came to know its 9 when Kushal told lets finish it here, we will continue in next meetup. Then he told us to some basics things and asked us to give feedback about the meetup. Then all of us winded up and it was decided we will do the remaining part at our own place and the will push the code on github, if there will be some issue we can contact Kushal by droping a mail or on IRC.

(pics by @anweshasrk)

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